Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Prafidya


Several phone calls and few sessions of ym and bbm chats had reminded me of something…the weakest moment…

Have you ever been in your lowest point?
Like the world is against you?
Like there’s no one in the world understand or even listen?
Well, there’s always be some moments in your life
And it’s simply not the easiest moment to cope with

It is the time when everything is wrong
And mostly, it is you that is wrong
Wrong mood, wrong moments, wrong guy, wrong friends, wrong meals (too much salt, too sweet, and can be too damn good..;p)
Wrong software (and the virus attack at the most annoying moments), wrong clothing, wrong haircut (PLEASE! ladies and gentlemen NEVER cut your hair in this so terrible moment, it will be something that you’ll regret and even make things worst…got that? ok)
Wrong song, wrong job, wrong love, and simply your whole life is wrong

The good news is it will end.
The bad news is it will not end that easy.

The cause always started at something. Either it’s love, life, family, job. It always started at something…and you need to acknowledge that something to realize that something is wrong.
And when it started. It makes you down. So down that it will make you feel from something to nothing.
Endless and restless nights, then the sleeping disorder come in. Phones on your hand but got no clue who to call, simply at that moment it feels like no one will listen and then you just shut down.
That is the weakest moment.But funny to say is, in that weakest moment we became the strongest. The strongest to shut down, to get hurt, and somehow the strongest to put yourself down. You just hit and kick yourself, putting words on yourself, making conversation in yourself…and the answers that you get from that “i am the most lowlife…”. That is the weakest moment.

But that weakest moment is a calling cue. For you to stand up. And to fight for better things. Including fighting the negative parts of you. Shutting up the voices that kept saying, “you are weak and worthless”. It is the battle of life, yours. It is the battle you must WIN! In this battle you can not afford to loose. Because it is your life. It is your life. A life that had been so preciously brought up to this world. So perfectly constructed. And it is the only life you got.

Mistakes made to be learned, lost made to be found.
And you were made because of reasons…reasons that too grand for you to understand in your life time.
If you just listen, there must be someone there thankful for your being. If you just let yourself listen.

So..give yourself a hand. In this weakest moment of yours. Reach someone. Ask them to pull you up. Reach yourself. Ask yourself to pull you up. Cause in this battle you must win. In this battle you cannot afford to lose. Cause this is your life. And this weakest moment is made to make you stronger, so you can find your true strength. Raise from your fall and move on…then you will know that somehow in life someone else in their weakest moment need to have your arms to raise them from their lowest point.

So give yourself a chance to be someone worthy…not for them. But for you. To live this life…a better life each day.


ps: dedicated to those that are in their weakest moment, and especially to those who had reached my hands during mine…thank you 🙂



An entrepreneur, a baker, a writer but most of all a dreamer.



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