We Always Have Options


Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Mira Hadiatmana


We all have our ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. It’s part of being human. Wise men said that the only constant thing about life: change. And I believe it’s true. I’ve read about it, seen it happened, and experienced it myself. One minute, we feel like our world’s fumbling down, the next minute we’re happily laughing all and about it.

Give thanks anyway…for the good stuff: the promotion, the fun vacation, the delightful delicacies; and the not so good stuff: the rejection, the heartbreak, the arguments. The not so good stuff may be a bit harder to swallow, but once we make peace with them and move on, the reward is priceless. It’s like stepping to another level of consciousness. Anyway, what is life all about but keeping our souls intact to God over our humanly-fears?

Everyone’s had a bad experience that’s glued so hard, it’s hard to be removed from our belief system. And it almost feels wrong that to not think the way we think, because we’ve been too attached to it. For instance, all our lives, we think of men as cheaters. Perhaps, we’ve experienced a few in our surroundings with similar characteristics. We get too occupied with that particular idea that it blocks our view that there is actually a larger picture in life.

It’s funny, really…‘cause I just figured an analogy for such concept through an experience of purchasing ‘hair-vitamins’. It all began when I had the chance to test a branded hair product made of Pracaxi, Argan & Maize oil – all of which exotic oils extracted from many places throughout the world. It can be used before (or after) blow-dry and before (or after) washing the hair. It smells so delish I want to give my hair a liplock. Anyway, I fell in love with it and hoping to be able to purchase it one day. But the fact that the price is quite expensive hesitated me. Two days ago, however, as I was strolling down the alley of hair products in the supermarket, I saw small jelly-capsules labeled “Hair Vitamin”. It’s quite ‘down-to-earth’ compared to the exclusive oils I had in mind earlier, but I decided to give it a try. So yesterday, after washing my hair, I applied the capsule-contained oil on my hair thoroughly before using straightening iron. To my surprise, it smells great and give the shine and softness to my hair until now. Wow…I was really happy to know that opening up for more options can really boost my spirit.

I realize that I am sometimes rigid to options. But, apparently having an alternative from ‘what I have in mind’ can be fun. I’m not saying that we should settle for less than the best, but opening up for other stuffs (that we’ve been resenting since we’re overly absorbed with a single item) can make life more exciting, too. Why not make the best of our journey by taking a little bit of everything along the way?


Mira Hadiatmana adalah seorang guru, penulis dan individu yang gemar traveling ke berbagai tempat baru. Ia adalah seseorang yang nampak lembut di luar, namun idealis di dalam. Kata-kata yang sesuai menggambarkan sosok bergolongan darah AB ini adalah kreatif, unik dan ambigu (ramah dan mudah bersosialisasi tapi tidak senang keramaian, gemar mencoba hal baru tapi senang dengan lingkungan yang familiar, suka keteraturan tapi mudah jenuh). Mengalir seperti air, seperti zodiak yang menaunginya, Aquarius, hal yang terpenting dalam hidup bagi Mira adalah terus belajar dan mengajar; dimanapun ia berada. Twitter: itnarimuya


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