Friendship is a Priceless Gift


Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Ivanna


Friendship is a Priceless Gift

It cannot be bought or sold

But it value is far greater

than a mountain made of Gold.

For Gold is cold and lifeless

it can neither see nor hear

and in the time of trouble

It is powerless to cheer

It has no ears to listen

nor heart to understand

It cannot bring you comfort

or reach out a helping hand

So when you ask God for a Gift

be thankful if He sends…

not diamond, pearls, or riches

but the love of Real True Friend

~Helen Steiner Rice~

We meet by chance that we could not find it nor buy it (how rich we are…true friend and true friendship could not be bought) and turn into a friend. God has His own plans when He introduces someone into our life. He may send someone just for a short period or longer period, or forever. And now it’s our destiny to keep each others close, to make our friendship grows more with the passing time. Why I call it our destiny? ‘Coz if our destiny says that we could not be friend, nor if the destiny says that our friendship is no longer there, no matter how hard the efforts to keep it alive — it could not work…’coz He already plan it for us.

However, it does not mean bad if He send friends only for a short time period. Nothing is negative in His plan. We have to think it deeply to understand His plan. It is not easy to find and understand. But just believe that time will tell us the truth and the meaning of all those.

None of us can say nor claim that we are an Angel for others. Even if we say that to the ‘new people’ and hope that with that ‘word’ we could be friends, I don’t believe it could works. That is not a ‘magic word’ in this Universe nowadays. None of us can do this! Only God can do it. It will be wise, if we do not say or assume that he or she claims themselves to be our Angel just to attract our attention to become their friend. This is totally wrong perception. None of us have rights to do this.

Friendship is a choice, it is free from hatred, it’s a freedom for us to decide based on our destiny and our understanding of God’s plans. It is not a coercion. No one can enforce a friendship.

I would like to say:

“Walk with me when your heart needs accompany and trust me. Take my hand when you feel alone — even if nothing I can do for you. Turn to me when you need someone to learn and share together with…..nothing I can promise you except I always be with you in all your sad time instead your happy time.”

For me: Real and True Friendship is a rare relationship in this Universe nowadays. That the Treasure given by God more than diamond nor pearl that need to be flushed every time…everywhere to keep it alive and shining along with the Sun. Shine on them so we will never forget who comes into our life every morning till afternoon, and shining along with the Moon which will replace by the Sun to ligthen our night, to be more brightly.

~Please bear in mind that I have no rights to claim myself as an ‘Angel’ in someone life~

~Respect people who find time for us in their busy life and schedule, BUT Love people who never look at their schedule and time when we need them…that is the Real and True Friendship~

P.S.: Dedicate this notes to my real and true friend who always be with me in my insomnia time:) every night….love you buddy, thanks for your value time and true friendship:)


I am Ivanna…just ordinary people who has no talent to be an author or writer, but excellent in providing and writing tax advise for individual and multi-national companies. I worked as a tax consultant at one of the big four tax consultant in Indonesia.  Email:


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