Dear ….,


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Sometimes, I wish that my parents gave me some kind of manual to guide me through life. So, I thought, why not make some kind of manual that I could pass-on to my children…someday. Or, at least, it could be a guidance for our inner child, which we all know we still have deep down inside.

“Dear child,

(the word ‘child’ will be replaced with the name of my children)

I would like to share with you 12 points that came up to my mind now, hoping that it will be able to help you or could be used as a guidance as you walk through this journey called life.

Of course, it will take more than these 12 points as guidance…but just focus on these 12 points; I think it will give you tremendous benefit…at least based on my experiences…


1. Just because the adults are older doesn’t mean they are wiser

Age has nothing to do with wisdom. So, feel free to disagree but respect them nonetheless. Practice benefit of the doubts and search the answers within your heart.

2. Be yourself

Everybody is unique. Everybody is different. Everybody is special. So, you…yourself are unique, different, and special…regardless of what others tell you. Yes…sometimes it could feel so scary to just be you. It takes courage. And, you, my dear one, is courageous. You are a warrior. So, just be you!

3. Making mistakes is everybody’s birthright

So, be kind to others and yourself. Forgive others and yourself when mistakes happen. Learn from theirs’ and your mistakes.

4. Everything in this world is transitory

Sometimes, you have to let go some people in your life…some things in your life. It’s ok to feel sad…or angry. But, remember…none of it is because of you. It’s just life. So, don’t dwell too long on your sadness and anger. Eventually new people, new experiences, new things will come to your life to bring another lesson.

5. Heartbreak is inevitable

If you have heartbreak, it may feel like it’s the end of the world…but it is not. All people in the world have experienced heartbreak. So, you’re not the only one, my dear. It’s just part of life. You cannot experience love without experience the pain. The same goes with hot and cold, high and low, happy and sad, black and white…the ebb and flow of life. And yet…no matter what…never ever give up on love.

6. Be 100% in the present

Regrets always have to do with something in the past. Fear…or worry always has to do with something in the future. The key is…just be 100% in the present. So, when you look back, there won’t be any regrets…and no fear or worry for the future. As hard as it might be to always be in the present, never stop practicing.

7. Differentiate between needs and wants

What you want doesn’t necessarily mean the same as your need. Sometimes…life won’t give you what you want the most. But, life will certainly give what you need the most at that time. And, remember…what you need is not always the same with others’. So, no need for comparing and judgment.

8. Have integrity with your thoughts, words, and actions

As much as you carefully watch your thoughts, words, and actions to others…it is much more important to also carefully watch your thoughts, words, and actions to yourself. So, stop the self-abuse’s thoughts, words, and actions.

9. Embrace change

The only thing that is certain in life is changes. If you think you could avoid it, you would only bring miseries to your life. Changes could be scary, but once you embrace it, the world is in your hand.

10. Give yourself a time to go within yourself every day

No matter how busy your work is, or how hectic your life at that moment or how miserable your life seems at that moment…always…let me emphasize that word again…always spare some time to go ‘within’. Going within yourself, even only for 5 minutes, is all that you’ll ever need to stay grounded.

11. Always be grateful

Be grateful for the good and bad in your life. Even though you couldn’t feel it at that time, believe me, there’s always a blessing in disguise for every bad things that happen to you. The tricky part is to be able to see the blessing. But it is there…hiding…waiting for you to find it.

12. The answer to every questions in life is Love

As cliché as it sounds, Love…my Dear… is always the answer to everything that happens in your life…in everybody’s life. So, when you feel lost and confused, and don’t know what to do…always go with love. Ask yourself, “What would Love do?” ‘Coz no matter what happen, you were born out of love. By going with love, you’re going back within yourself…to the Source. And the Source itself is actually Love.”

Love & Light,



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