Let Your Past Go


Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Michelle Walewangko


Do you believe in the healing power of love, or is it just a fantasy?
Do you believe in the power from above? I feel it between you and me.

There’s a healing power deep in all of us.
In the darkest hour we can still rise up.
There’s a new horizon shining between you and me.
When you slip your hand in mine, I feel the rub of the healing power of love.

Deep in the night, when we’re so alone,

I swear I feel the power that’s greater than our own
and how a love unfolds as we tumble through the darkness to the great unknown.

Lyric: Dan Hill

When we were so naïve and blind caused by love, we had a motto “You don’t marry someone you can live with, but you marry someone you cannot live without.”

We believed in that phrase for years and a decade. We thought we could not live without our exes. We depended on them entirely, despite of what they have done to us.

We fed them well, even too much. Now we realized, it was not appropriate and it was not fair; but we were too blind to see. We continually provided their requests and abandoned our own sake.

After all we have done, it was ironic. Our sincere actions backfired on us. We did not get any equal and deserving treatments. They rejected and cheated on us. They spit on us with their sarcasm words, threw us their abusive behaviors, robbed us financially, and tortured us mentally and psychologically. They sucked our blood and drained our last teardrops. What a backstabbing jerk!

One of the most difficult things to handle is: how to let go of the ghosts from our past? We knew, our exes were the ones who left us, and they made decision to choose those sc*mbag and b*tches. They were the ones who hurt us intentionally. They made their own choices and they should take care of their miserable lives on their own right now. Do not rely on us anymore! They have to be responsible with their chosen acts.

We realized the truth of this phrase: You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Somehow I think it is good for two brokenhearted people to meet and love each other. So they can share their own traumatic experiences in the past. They will try their best to be more careful, to exchange advises, to be wiser and to be more alert in order to prevent the similar horrible things happen again in the future.

We know that ‘although the pain has gone but the scar remains’.

They should have been forgiven and may not be forgotten but in this present time, we have to set the limit: enough is enough! Do not let anyone take advantage from us ever again.

We know, we could not change the past, but somehow we can plan our future by using our logic thinking and rational mind at this present time.


I accidentally found this 5-6 year old writing and the update is:

 I feel blessed, truly blessed. I made peace with my darkest past. I have no anger, no regret, no hatred and no sentimental memories or whatsoever – with them all.

 I live my life as it is. I let my past go, I enjoy my present life and I am looking forward to reach my future.

I also wish for those of you who are still trapped with the ghosts of your past, could let it go. Do not be fixated on what you have lost in the past, but be grateful for what you have right now.


Michelle is a foodie who is not fond of cooking. Her ideal job would be like Samantha Brown’s or Andrew Zimmern’s from TLC, to travel around the world, eat good food, and meet people; however on the weekdays she’s stuck at her cubicle from 9 to 5. She loves reading but doesn’t have enough confidence to write her own stories, or publish it. Psychology, Interior Design, Foreign Language and Culinary are her interests. Stay in touch with her at: Facebook: michelle.walewangko / Twitter: @mwalewangko / Tumblr: mwalewangko


2 thoughts on “Let Your Past Go

  1. Hi siregarrosey, yep…
    or in other words, we should accept the man we are married to, along with their good and bad habits.
    e.g. I can’t imagine if my future hubby is like my parents, coz whenever I have sleepover in my parents bedroom, all I can hear is their constant and simultaneous snores and teeth grinding sound, all through the night! *sigh*
    But we have to be prepared, when we’re married, and those kind of habits are inevitable, we have to deal with it anyway…. 🙂

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