What Is Wrong Being Single?

  Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Michelle Walewangko   My friend blurted out that question few days ago. He was worried for my intensive soul-mate searching project nowadays. He questioned whether my heartache has been healed and ready to fall in love again. I am thankful to have numbers of friend whom I can turn […]

We Always Have Options

  Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Mira Hadiatmana   We all have our ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. It’s part of being human. Wise men said that the only constant thing about life: change. And I believe it’s true. I’ve read about it, seen it happened, and experienced it myself. One minute, we feel like our world’s fumbling […]


  Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Deniya Patricia   Katanya Tuhan itu berada sedekat urat nadi, lalu sewaktu aku membutuhkannya kemarin itu, Tuhan kemana? Kesulitan secara finansial lalu insecurity yang tinggi dalam hidup seorang Deniya yang baru saja memasuki kepala 3 ini kerap bermain terus dan terus seperti kaset rusak hampir setiap waktu. Aku benci […]

Ibu, Ada yang Ngajak Nikah Lagi!

  Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh My Mother’s Daughter (bukan nama yang sebenarnya)   Dear Ibu, Apa kabar diatas sana? Semoga nanti dimasa depan ada cara lain untuk kita bisa ngobrol lagi ya. Tapi sejauh ini, let’s just make use of this letter-blogging, who knows heaven post sends it to you. Jadi gini loh Ibu,uhm, mau cerita nih,… […]

Bermain Drama

  Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Soul Sista’ (bukan nama yang sebenarnya) “To do whatever is required of you in any situation without it becoming a role that you identify with is an essential lesson in the art of living that each one of us is here to learn.” -Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening […]

Going 30 on a Highway

  Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Prafidya   Being working the new decade in my life is not easy. 20s are the fun and game time. 30s? It seems seriously…serious. People expect you to be ‘something’ when you are 30. Have a great job, family, kids…everything. 3 years ago I remembered talking to a friend […]


  Tulisan ini merupakan kontribusi oleh Prafidya   Several phone calls and few sessions of ym and bbm chats had reminded me of something…the weakest moment… Have you ever been in your lowest point? Like the world is against you? Like there’s no one in the world understand or even listen? Well, there’s always be […]